Day Fifteen – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Day fifteen, and we were ready for our beach vacation. We could not wait to get out of Columbo. It was dirty, it was dusty, and there were too many swindlers. So we got breakfast at the hotel before we jumped into a tuk tuk to go to the train station. The Tuk Tuk driver tried to convince us to let him drive us to Galle, but I don’t think he understood how excited we were for the train.

We got to the train early, and the thing to remember about the trains in Sri Lanka, is that the trains do not run on time. But no matter it was a new day and we were excited. On the train platform there were a bunch of wild kittens that were adorable, but use your own judgement if you want to play with them or not. They could have diseases.

Once we got on the train, we noticed there were two classes on the train. 2nd class and 3rd class. We had bought 2nd class and it seemed to be all tourists doing the same thing we were. We were able to talk to some families from England who were starting their vacation in Sri Lanka.

We took the train to the end of the line in Galle. The rails literally stopped in Galle, so it was easy to know when to get off the train. We walked out of the train station and grabbed a tuk tuk. If we were to do it again, I probably would have got a tuk tuk a little further form the train station. Our tuk tuk driver over charged us, But can’t go back in time now.

day15-tuktukThe drive by Tuk Tuk to Unawatuna was beautiful. We were a little nervous, since our driver did not seem to know where he was going, but if you kicked back and enjoyed the scenery, then it was great. The ride was about 30 minuets, and our driver stopped to ask other drivers a lot. Really the only trouble we had was trying to find out hotel, but Unawatuna is small, so there were not a lot of places to get lost.

We checked into the Thaproban Beach House. Which was amazing… It was so unique and beautiful. The atmosphere was unlike any hotel I have ever been at. More like a Bed and Breakfast.


Our room was so cute, we loved it. But we couldn’t wait to go get some food and then hit the beach. For food, we decided to go find some Sri Lankian Kottu Roti. It is basically chopped roti bread that has been fried with vegetables, spices and eggs. We found a Jamaican Themed Restaurant that we serving Kottu Roti, and dropped by to get soothed by the beats of Bob Marley as we waited for our food and fruit smoothies.


Afterwards, we decided to check out the pool of our hotel, since the waves looked a little rough. We ended up having the hotel pool to ourselves. The hotel pool is actually on the other side of Unawatuna, so we had to walk about ten minutes. The pool is surrounded by rocks, so you can see the ocean breaking on the rocks as you swim.

We stayed here and watched the sun set (which happened around 6pm) then headed back to our hotel room to watch TV.

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