Day Thirteen – Kalutara, Sri Lanka


So on day thirteen we stayed at Turyaa Kalutara by Aitken Spence Hotel all day long. We decided to just relax and enjoy the hotel instead of going off site and trying to explore town. It was relaxing. They have a large pool, which is necessary as the waves on the beach were too large to swim.

day13- hotel the sands by aitkenspenceThere is a fence that blocks off the beach from the hotel. Once you pass the fence you are bugged by tuck took drivers, vendors selling elephant pants and people offering to take you on an excursion.

Over all this is an very nice hotel, we found the price for the buffet high especially when you compare what you got compared to some of the other resorts we stayed at.

We ate most of our meals at the bar – where we could order off menu. We enjoyed it better, and were often the only people in the bar.


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