Day 15 – Siem Reap, Cambodia

pink-templeThe Last day. Hard to believe how fast 15 days goes. The contiki tour officially ended at 6 am this morning, but a group from the tour had late flights so we stuck together to explore. We got the hotel to organize a van for us to go our to see Banteay Srei, or the Pink Lady Temple.

This temple is only major temple at Angkor not built by a monarch. It is constructed of red sandstone. It was a smaller temple then the ones that we saw yesterday. I’m not sure if I would advise other travellers to go to this temple. It was nice that it was something to do. But I like the larger temples more, this one had less twists and turns.


After our temple run, we switched things up and went ATVing. I had heard from a friend that THIS was the best thing to do in Cambodia – and she was right. I got to see Cambodia up close. These rice fields (you can see pictured above) were so bright and vivid. We went through farmers fields and could touch the cows we drove by. We splashed through mud puddles and drove through villages. It was great to see what life was actually like outside the big cities.

The tour we were one had 4 “stops” 1. The rice field above. 2. A rice winery. We went to a small rice winery where we saw how wine was made, and got to taste the wine. It tasted like really smooth vodka. Apparently they feed the fermented rice to the pigs who get “drunk” off it. (They oink way less) 3. A 125 yr old temple that was burnt down in a fire and next to it, a 25 yr temple that the village uses daily. It was fun to see a temple that people actually use, not a tourist place. 4. There was a nice rest stop at the end, we were in the “Jungle” and got fresh coconut water and watched the leaves falling off the trees as we released and enjoyed our last afternoon in Cambodia.

Back at the hotel we decided to wash all the dust off by jumping into the pool. This hotel had an amazing pool. All of our hotels in Asia were amazing (totally could not afford them here) but this one was NICE. We finished off the night going to Pub Street to see the sunset and try alligator pizza, before catching our flight home.


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  1. Hi Andrea,

    Your blog is this trip is really pushing me to book this trip! It looks amazing! My travel agent is trying to convince me to go G Adventures, (a lot cheaper) but I’ve my heart set on this trip. Can I ask how many was on the trip? Any other tips/advice?



    1. Hi Stephen,
      This trip was the best decision of my life – I know I am terrible in the amount of time it took for me to get back to you, but the G Adventure I took was not nearly as much fun as the Contiki tours I have taken. I hope you had a great trip!!

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