Day Nine – Timisoara, Romania Day Eight – Srebrenica, Bosnia and Belgrade, Serbia Day Seven – Sarajevo, Bosnia Day Six – Mostar and Sarajevo, Bosnia Day Five – Budva Montenegro
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Day Nine – Timisoara, Romania

Ekkk! This trip was going by so fast! But we woke up today in our beautiful hotel room, and went to the top floor (8th Floor). For breakfast. The main problem of this hotel is that there is only one elevator for all floors, but there were stairs, so that was great. We were on […]


Day Eight – Srebrenica, Bosnia and Belgrade, Serbia

Our trip is half way through. It is hard to believe it. But it is. So on we go. Today we were told to dress conservative as we would be going to a grave site today. So covering up legs and shoulders everywhere we go. We made the mistake of getting on the bus last […]


Day Seven – Sarajevo, Bosnia

Waking up today and going down to breakfast was a large wakeup call. Actually there were two wake up calls. First of all, our across the hall mates, had a fight. It must have been really big, because the girl decided to leave the tour. Secondly we found out our hotel was very muslim, and […]

mostar streets

Day Six – Mostar and Sarajevo, Bosnia

Today we headed out for a long drive to Bosnia. Today’s movie of choice was Meet the Millers. I mention this, because this movie has a classic character in it. Scottie P. He has a catch phrase that became our running joke all through the movie. “You know what I’m saying?” He says it after everything […]


Day Five – Budva Montenegro

Today was our free day in Budva, and for a rainy day we tried to make the most of it. First off we slept in. I think we didn’t got out of bed until 11am. Which for anyone who knows me, is not usually a thing I can do. But it was nice to have […]

Day Four – Kotor and Budva, Montenegro

Day four of Best of the Balkans. Breakfast was another buffet. I had cereal. We all piled into the Contiki bus to drive to Montenegro. All of us were sad to see Dubrovnik go. It was such a magical city. However the drive out of Dubrovnik was almost as magical. To leave Dubrovnik to go […]

Day Three – Dubrovnik Croatia

Day Three of our Best of Balkans tour. I started the day off with a run around the harbour. I loved the fact that I could see the harbour in the early morning light with only the locals around. It was really quite, other then the fish market down the street. The downside of this […]

Day Two – Split to Dubrovnik Croatia

Day Two of our Best of Balkans tour. Today we started off with free time in Split. Our guide walked us to the old town of Split and gave us a few options of what to do. So quick background on Split. Split is the second largest city in Croatia. According to our travel guide […]

Day One – Trogir, Croatia

It’s the First Day of the Best of the Balkans Contiki tour. I took this trip with my husband Andrew. We were one of two married couples on this tour. The rest of the trip was a group of 35 people with the majority between the ages of 25-35. We had flown into Split, Croatia […]

day15 - train

Day Fifteen – Unawatuna, Sri Lanka

Day fifteen, and we were ready for our beach vacation. We could not wait to get out of Columbo. It was dirty, it was dusty, and there were too many swindlers. So we got breakfast at the hotel before we jumped into a tuk tuk to go to the train station. The Tuk Tuk driver […]


Day Fourteen – Colombo

Day fourteen we arrived in Colombo. This was our last officially guided day on our tour. after that we were on our own. We decided after watching a lot of travel docs, that we would only spend one night in Colombo then make our way down south for a few days. Mainly all the advice […]


Day Thirteen – Kalutara, Sri Lanka

So on day thirteen we stayed at Turyaa Kalutara by Aitken Spence Hotel all day long. We decided to just relax and enjoy the hotel instead of going off site and trying to explore town. It was relaxing. They have a large pool, which is necessary as the waves on the beach were too large […]