Day 2 – Bangkok, Thailand

20140603-205857-75537035.jpgGood morning Thailand. Hello Jet-lag.

So I always thought that Jet-lag was a myth that lazy people made up. Well I’ve learned I am wrong. And 12 hours difference is rough. After scrapping myself outta bed, me and Andrew forced ourselves to go find some lunch and explore the Thailand markets. After realizing we were out of our element we settled on a “Paris cafe” restaurant and watched the world go by. We also watched a lot of Monks go by, mostly drinking Starbucks.

"Paris Cafe" in Bangkok
“Paris Cafe” in Bangkok

On the way back, we saw what looked like an alligator in a canal. (Did you realize that there are canals all through out Bangkok) Walking though the markets, we found soup served in bags with straws. Water was 17 cents. 7-11s were easy to find. Elephant pants were everywhere. Exhausted we headed back to the hotel to wait for our meet up with Contiki.

Eating on the Road in Bangkok
Eating on the Road in Bangkok

Upon meeting our group we found out we were the only Canadians – which was no big deal. We found that we clicked with the Americans and the Brits. We all went out to dinner, where we sat on the street and were offered BBQ Scorpions and were offered bracelets with English Swear-words embroidered on them.

20140603-213009-77409966.jpgAfter dinner, we discovered that currently Thailand was celebrating the river festival. Where they purchased costing flowers and cast them into the river with floating candles. They also released lanterns into the sky. It was Amazing. This festival has no set date and only happens when the moon aligns properly. So we just had really lucky timing.


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