Day Fourteen, Split, Croatia

Happy Birthday to me! It’s our last full day on tour and its my birthday, since who doesn’t want to be on vacation on their birthday.

Andrew was really sweet and got me a present while I was still in bed. I had to laugh because he had gotten me what he through was a card from one of the really cool shops in Slovenia. Only it was a post card, which was almost better since it was hilarious!

From there we had buffet breakfast at the hotel. The hotel breakfast was better then some that we had on this trip but it was clearly a hotel buffet breakfast.

From there we hopped on our bus to drive to Zadar. It had a lot of history and a beautiful water front which is it known for. We would be having our lunch break at this walled city.

Like most Croatian cities that line the warm waters of the Adriatic, Zadar has a beautiful waterfront area with a long promenade. I’m sure on a warm day it would be busy, but since it was cloudy and windy, there were not that many people.

We were told by our guide that this area is famouse for its sea organ. White steps leading down to the water are much more than they seem. It’s actually a complex set of pipes that when put together create the now somewhat famous sea organ. Completed in 2005 along with repair work after the Croatian War of Independence, the stairs extend for 70 meters and under them are 35 pipes of varying length and height that play 7 chords of 5 tones depending on the tides. You can stand over the openings and feel the air rushing by.

After checking out the water front we were left to explore. Zadar is famous for their roman ruins which are scattered all over town. So we set out to find some lunch, check out some ruins and buy some souvenirs. We did not find a lot of souvenirs in its which is sad. The best souvenirs we’re back in Bosnia. However we did find an independent jewellery shop.  And got bracelets for those back home.

Then we hunted down some hot dogs and apple pie for lunch. Probably our weirdest lunch on this trip. From there we were outta time and so we went back to the bus to continue onto split.

We checked into the same hotel again and we’re told to be ready in an hour to go out for dinner. We all dressed up to the nines and got ready for a night of dinner and dancing.

The bus took us downtown, where we walked through the cobbles to the restaurant. The restaurant was up the hill a ways and was known for their fresh sea food. We had a large 3 course dinner. Which none of us could really finish. It was delicious. We bought wine for the table and split it. And really just enjoyed our time with friends.

We could not believe that this was our last night. Time went by so fast.

On our way to the bar, Elle, one of our tour mates had two confetti cannons that he wanted to set off before we all went home. So on the main promenade in split, we all grouped up as the sky was filled in pink glitter!

It was so much fun!

From there we headed into Diocletian place to go to the bar for our last night out on the town. We drank we said good byes, we danced.

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