Day One – Madrid, Spain

imageThis was day one of our contiki tour. I have never travelled alone so the day started off with a rocky start of me being extremely nervous. I am not even going to lie. But once I got onto the plane I was fine.

I had a 7 hour flight to Amsterdam. On the flight I over heard the girl behind me was going to Madrid too. I decided that I would keep her in mind to help me get too my next flight. I slept most of the first flight trying to jump start my internal clock to Madrid time.

I had a 5 hour layover in Amsterdam. This resulted I me going through security again and getting a passport stamp. This was a tough layover. My body thought it was midnight. But in Amsterdam it was 6 am. I spent most of it chilling with The random girl, making jokes about how tired we were.

On the 2 hour plane ride to Madrid, I sat down next to a girl who was nervous flights she was crying during the landing while we were touching down. But we made it. My seat was covered with gum so unfortunately I ruined my pants. Weirdly there was no customs to go through in leaving the Spain airport.

I jumped in a cab and got to the hotel In about 25 minuets. I got to the hotel at 3 so had an hour to unpack before introductions at 4. There we met our tour manager Cloe and my roommate Claire. My roommate is from Australia but really nice.
Market in Madrid
After the meeting we went on a walking tour of Madrid. We learned how to use the subway and how to get to the centre of town. We went to the market for tapas and then headed back to the hotel restaurant for a welcome dinner. There we had Spanish rice and sangria. The sangria was heavier then Canadian sangria and had lots of cinnamon. It was delicious.
We then called it an early night as tomorrow was a big day.

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