Day Nine – Ibiza to Granada, Spain

Today is another travelling day. Yay. We got the late ferry and went to Denia. This ferry was the nicest ferry I have ever seen. It was like a mini cruise ship.
With couches and fancy chairs, patio furniture, a pool, several bars, tvs and a kids area. It was not to shabby. We were on the ferry for four hours. With four hours to kill you have to believe that we got our drink on and hung out on the roof top patio. One of the boys was drunk enough to give us a strip tease.
After that we had a 6 hour bus drive to get us to Granada. We slept the first 4 hours. The drive was nice going all along the coast de sur. We passed a lot of golf courses.
We had dinner at a tiny cafeteria on the highway. I got watery pasta. So don’t have too high expectations for it.
Once in Granada, it was 10:30 pm. So most of us just called it an early night.

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