Day 9 – Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng, Laos

imageYet another long day of driving. Today was 6-7 hours of driving. With most roads looking like the ones in the photo above (aka lots of twists and turns up and down the mountains.) We used the time wisely and realized that you could make lots of great Laos puns.

No puns a-Laos
You win some you Laos some
These puns a Laos-y
I am at a Laos
Alls fair in Laos and War

OK – you get it – if you spend some time thinking about it you can come up with a lot of puns.

imageWe stopped on the top of one of the mountains for lunch. It was beautiful. The whole country is definitely something special. One cool thing about this restaurant, was the bathrooms. Or more specifically the girls bathrooms. once you got into your stall the whole back of the bathroom is open. so you can pee while looking out at the mountain. It cost one dollar. The boys, alas, did not have this cool experience, we found out. We stretched our legs and the piled back into the bus.

imageOnce we arrived in Vang Vieng, we immediately searched to find a bar to watch the sun set at. We found this neat little spot. From it, we saw hot air balloons floating in the sky, and immediately knew we needed to make a plan to go on them the following night. After sunset we went to the Kangaroo pub, and played pool al night and got chocolate banana crepes from the street venders.

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