Day Eight – Ibiza, Spain

imageDay 8

Today is recovery day in Ibiza. Most of us slept in till noon. Getting home at 7 am would do that for you. I had a quick shower then climbed into bed. At 11 am the maid service woke me up to change the towels and clean the room. I couldn’t fall back asleep, so I decided to wash some laundry.

After that I went with the group to lunch. We went to a cafe down the street run by a French guy. I got my first salad all trip. It was a chicken salad with apples, tomatoes and an avocado sauce.

After that I got a blizzard from burger king. It was s’more flavour I think. It had graham crackers, chocolate chips, marshmallows and hot fudge. I took it back at the hotel to eat by the pool.

Around 6 I left the hotel to walk around town. I headed in the direction of old town and the fort. Old town was like a post card with lots of white washed buildings with blue doors and purple flowers. The old fort was fun to walk around in. The old walls were immense. And they were on the cliffs so that they could look out for pirates. The view was amazing and the breeze up there was much needed.

After the fort I wandered old town. Checking out the shops and cafés. I had my first gelato and tried on some Spanish clothes – none of which fit me. The. I headed to the lobby to see who was around for dinner. We went to cafe de sol for dinner and I had a healthy smooth with strawberry, banana and cranberries and a pizza.

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