Day 13 – Phnom Penh to Siem Reap, Cambodia

Morning Market in Phnom Pehn

We found a tour outside of Contiki to take us to a Phnom Penh morning market for breakfast. We took Tuk Tuks to the market at 6 am, and met with our new guide Duckie. She introduced us to the best Cambodian doughnuts I have ever had. I still crave them, they don’t put icing on their doughnuts they top them with hot toffee. Yum. Then we went and tried noodle salad for breakfast. Not my fave for a breakfast option but when in Cambodia.

We then proceeded to jump on a plane an flew for an hour to Siem Reap.


Siem Reap is a much smaller city then Phnom Penh. Its more my speed. The were also no beggar children which was nice. We checked into our hotel and then were left to our own devices for lunch. We wandered into the main area of Siem Reap and were trying to find a place to eat when a huge rain storm broke out. In Aisa they generally get a lot of quick rain storms I have found, so we ducked into the first restaurant we found called “The Red Piano” .  We quickly learned it is the restaurant that Angelina Jolie preferred in Siem Reap while filming Tomb Raider. And I found my favourite food in the world, Fish Amock. Just go and try it. I can’t wait until it becomes a thing in Canada. The rain stopped once we had finished our meal.

Cambodia | Floating Villages


After lunch we headed to the floating villages on boat. It was amazing to see these villages that thousands of people live on, and they never set foot on land. all of their houses are movable – so they can move in low tide and hi-tide with the season. On our boat, children would offer you a massage for money. Also children would come up to our boat with snakes they had found looking for money from us. Cambodia definitely was a more “needy” place then Laos or Thailand. We also went to an alligator farm, which was a weird place. I guess they are big on eating alligators here.

the-temple-resturant-cambodiaFor dinner we went to a restaurant called The Temple. They had traditional Cambodian dancing. I thought it was cool to watch.


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