Day 1 – Arrival in Bangkok, Thailand

Bankok streets by night

Welcome to Bangkok. After 26 hours of flight, Andrew and I arrived in Bangkok just after midnight. We jumped into a taxi, and hoped that our cab driver was indeed driving us to our hotel and not taking us to a crazy place. I was amazed to see that they have highways equal to those in Canada. They had condos going up beside the highways and flashing lights every where.

There was definitely a moment of panic when our taxi turned down a street that was filled with people. We drove through the centre of a dance off and were amazed that A) Street dance offs were a regular thing here, and B) that this was indeed the street that our hotel was on. We wearily climbed out of our cab, checked into our hotel and immediately fell asleep.

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  1. I am a female traveling alone to bangkok in a few weeks. My flight arrives similar time around midnight there. I am wondering what the safest way to sleep that night is? do you think i should stay in the airport till sunrise? or just make reservations somewhere close to hotel and hope for the best? haha

    1. Hi – I am so sorry I did not reply to you earlier. But I will reply now so that future travellers will have the information. I would find a hotel in Bangkok. The airport there is set up so that they will help you find a reliable – safe taxi to take you where ever your hotel is. After a long flight I know the first thing that you want to go is find a bed or atleast a shower and food – and the Bangkok airport will never be as nice as a room. Hope you had a great trip.

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